A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I feel like I've been living for the weekends. But truly, this weekend was again a blast. I spent it in Toronto visiting Pete and staying at his Dad and Lynn's place. We met up with Ryan to celebrate his birthday on Saturday night. Went to "System Soundbar" and saw a really wicked DJ named Satoshi Tomeii. Got myself (and a couple friends too) a free t-shirt and they gave us a free CD on our way out. We didn't stay until 8am but it was a long night none the less.

Talked to Andrea who's back from Cuba. Wish I couldn't went too. Sounded like a blast. It's strange to hear Katimavik gossip second hand rather than being in the thick of things. Two of my participants have left the program (both for family reasons). Hopefully when I go out to visit the whole troop for Canada Day in Winnipeg we can all reunite. Would be more fun that way.

I can hardly believe that I start my CWY contract next Monday. One week. Woah! I'll be in Toronto for the first week and hopefully have the opportunity to connect with some friends I haven't seen in a bit.

The last couple months has had its highs and lows for sure but through it all I can honestly say that I am pretty happy. I don't think I've ever felt as "at peace" with who I am and where my life path is taking me. Sorry if that sounds like profound shit.. but it's how I am feeling. :)
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