A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

  1. be good tanyas:
    Never really listened to bluegrass before them. 'Only in the Past' makes me think fondle of two guitar playing ex-Katimavik PLs. 'Blue Horse' is permanently in my car and often on repeat.
  2. codes i can't break:
    There's a little bit of a hacker lurking somewhere within me. I'm just not quite geeky enough to pursue it to the fullest potential.
  3. escaping to hotel rooms:
    When I am desperately in need of "a room of my own" I just escape to one. Sometimes (especially Katima-times) when I am living with too many others, I need a space that's just for me.
  4. haecceity:
    Some words are pretty just to look at them.
  5. laughter:
    Have you ever met someone who's laugh is just so unique that you want to capture it and carry it around in your pocket to bring out in a flash during those low moments in life?
  6. magic:
    What would life be without it?
  7. poe:
    The female musician more than the raven obsessed writer. She's got a style I appreciate.
  8. scrabble:
    Grandma played with me often. I still can't list off all the two and three letter words though.
  9. tattoos:
    At what point does many tattoos in a nearby space cease to become many tattoos and become one?
  10. yard sales:
    I can't help myself. I've a closet and a few rubbermaid totes full of things that I really ought to get out on my own front yard sometime.

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