A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Dear Fellow Canadians,

I am looking for some *immediate* input from folks who tend to have
opinions, folks like you! Please take a few moments to step in to the

I am writing an article for this week’s The Epoch Times
(www.theepochtimes.com) about the immanent fall of the government (with
the 12 hr time difference between Canada and Thailand I’ll likely be
asleep with the actually hammer comes down) and the upcoming election
looking likely for January 23.

I think the angle will be something about the political power playing
between the parties over the past several months and what average
Canadians think about that, the timing of this election, and/or your
general attitude towards going to the polls this time around. How do you
feel about the parties? What outcome are you hoping for? Anything along
those lines. Really, anything at all because the article will take shape
according to what I get back.

I want some sense of what people are thinking. Please write as few or as
many words as you’re inspired to write. The more responses I get the
better so just jot down any thoughts you have for me. You don't have to
try to think of the perfect quote, I promise not to make you look bad.
If you don’t feel you’ve been following what's going on or don’t really
care, write down that too. Honestly, it’s all good!

Please include as well your name, age, profession and where you live
(city, province or country if applicable). If you don’t want any of that
info displayed that’s fine, just let me know and it won’t be printed.

If you want to check out my writing credentials you can go to The Epoch
Times website and punch my name in the search (Drukier) or go to mine
and Jan’s blog (http://www.longtrekhome.blogspot.com/)
– all of our articles are listed and linked along the right hand side.

Thanks for your help. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you
think appropriate. Please respond *as soon as possible*, i.e. in the
next 12 hrs or possibly 24 (but that will be cutting it close).

Take care and stay warm,

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