A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Random observations related to diction in Tanzania:

Hotel is not somewhere where one stays overnight, it's a place to eat a meal (like, Restaurant!)... a "Rest house" or "Guest house" would be where you stay. Although I have seen 'Resort' and 'Motel' used for sleeping places too.

Saloon -- not a place where cowboys kick back for some cold beer or a card game, nope... a Saloon is where a woman goes to get her hair styled/cut/permed/washed!

Mama & Papa are not necessarily your parents, just any woman or man of parenting age. Same goes for Sister & Brother or Auntie & Uncle -- not likely to be your relatives at all.

That's it for now kids. I am too hot! to continue typing. Gotta go have my third shower of the day then take a nap until it cools down!
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