A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

P: I need some advice.
Me: Sure, how can I help?
P: Well, I need to take iron pills. But my doctor told me they won't be absorbed unless I avoid all dairy products.
Me: Are you eating a lot of dairy? I haven't seen much milk or cheese served here.
P: My host family serves us eggs every morning.
Me: No worries then, eggs are not dairy.
P: Of course they are!
Me: Exactly what part of the cow does an egg come from?
P: No, they come from chickens. But, they're sold in the Dairy case!
Me: Trust me, eggs are not dairy. Don't worry about it and take your pills.
P: Are you sure?
Me: Absolutely.

The funny thing is, about a year ago, I had another participant try to tell me that eggs were dairy products. His rational was that the egg portion of the fridge was in the section labelled "Dairy."

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