A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

This week has been tiring but rewarding. I love Durham. Its a really great little town. And, I adore the family I have been staying with. They run a bed&breakfast and Elisabeth (the owner) is from Britian originally and so she really puts out a traditional B&B spread. Also, your guesting in their own home, which again is more traditional then the hotel-esque B&Bs that are popping up everywhere nowadays.

I finally (yesterday) found somewhere to live. Its a furnished basement apartment and it has a beautiful yard. I am really happy about it. Its reasonably priced too.

I am off to Montreal today to see U2 and then I am going to spend a couple days at home at my mom's to get my medical stuff sorted out. Then, starting Friday, I'll be living in Durham full time.

The weather has been just gorgeous the last few days (even with the rain!) I am so looking forward to this summer.
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