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A-m's Journal
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Saturday, May 11th, 2002

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Because I don't think I can keep saved things in moby.com I am going to :clip n save: them here too...

Topic: a small note of spelling..Collapse )
Gak'd this from subject_zero (who doesn't know me, I just stumbled onto his page)...

This is how you make a bio-poem. Answer the following questions.
  1. First name
  2. Four traits
  3. Related to...
  4. Cares deeply about...
  5. Who feels...
  6. Who needs...
  7. Who gives...
  8. Who fears...
  9. Who would like to see...
  10. Resident of...

waod s,umopapisdn
fickle, spend-thrift, self-critical,
often too damned nice for her own good
related to myriad multi-celled organisms
cares deeply about learning
who feels, who needs, who gives, who fears
who would like to see someone who doesn't
resident of this orb (and others in her dreams)

okay, so I cheated a bit... but its a fun lil' game
If I would have remembered to play Super 7 I would have chosen: 16 21 11 06 03 26 45

Let's see if I would have been rich. heh heh.
My lavalife.com astroprofile: It's long but I can see some truth in it...Collapse )
So I woke up in the darkest of dark moods today. I lay in bed and contemplated ways to bash my head against the wall hard enough to knock myself out, and be found by my family members lying in a pool of my own blood. After mulling it over, I couldn't decide which wall would work.

I think I am just so tired of dealing with everyone else's shit right now. I don't truly want to be hospitalized, but I just don't want to think about all this garbage anymore.

I feel myself counting the hours until the fifteenth when they move out, but I don't think that the intensity of it all is going to end there.

So then I start counting the days until I start work again... and the first week, away in Toronto will be heaven... but after that, I'll still be back involved.

I love my family. I want to be here to support them. But I think I'd just like one week to go by without drama and intensity and what have you.

I have a full on "house-style" headache, whomp whomp whomp whomp... so I think I'll go back to bed. I'll figure out how to get my sleep schedule back on track later. I'm pretty sure at least 65% of my dark mood is because I've had my days/nights reversed for almost two weeks now. :/
An E-mail convo 'tween my friend Phil in Montreal and I

Phil>hey impending birthday girl (bet you appreciate being referred to as a girl
Quick give me an address where I can mail you a little something something for your bday, you nomad you.

me>208-17 Church St. Orangeville, ON L9W 3Y8
I have some thai gak for you too.. some way crazy candies, a notebook by the fav. Korean character of the moment "Sodami" and some other stuff..
I'll post them to you later this week if I get a chance (I meant to give them to you in person, but it doesn't seem for sure that I will get to see you before you leave for Italy).
I don't mind being called girl. I am not _that_ much of a feminist, weirdo.

Phil>well i'm going out for drinks tonight, So i'll wish you happy bday in advance in case i go on another weekend bender.
I you give me you number I'll give you a little birthday shout.

me>That's a pretty long bender... considering that my birthday is JUNE 11..
heh heh. you goof!

Phil>Boy do I feel silly (and only slightly hung over).

Well I'm certainly prepared for your birthday, I have your card and was about to mail it until I decided to check my email for your phone #.
At least my card wouldn't have been late.
I assume your cell # is still active.

me>I've noticed you want my birthday to be two or three times a year. I don't mind the extra attention, but that's a hell of a way to age! :)

Phil>still haven't found anything for your bday yet, is there anything you'd like... bagels maybe

What a hilarious boiiiie, and I'm going to be in Montreal for my birthday too!
Forgot to mention that my mom brought me home "The Illustrated Man" by Ray Bradbury. I think she's hoping I'll stop getting more tattoos. heh heh.

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