May 20th, 2003

(no subject)

Okay. So here's a rant...

When someone says something about homosexuals and complains that they "strip naked, or dress in women's clothing and parade through the street" and then go on and on about how immoral that is and basically say that homosexuality should be illegal (as someone I just spoke with did imply)... IT PISSES ME OFF!!! I mean, its like saying that because you don't like the things that happen during 'Spring Break' that being a student should be illegal. Or that because you disapprove of Mardigras festivities, all partygoers should be arrested. Give me a fucking break. The fact that some people participate in "Gay Pride Parades" does not mean that all homosexuals are out dancing naked in the streets on a regular basis. I mean, assuming you think that what happens at these parades is immoral (which I don't)... but even if you do.. what does that have to do with ALL homosexuals? That would be like saying that because some straight men go to strip bars, all straight men are evil... A million other ridiculous comparisons come to mind... but GEE WHIZ, all this homophobia and hating and ignorance is just old. Stop it already!

I mean if you're one of those people who keeps saying things to me like: "They can do whatever they want as long as they do it behind closed doors..." well, you're welcome to THINK whatever you want too, as long as you keep it behind CLOSED LIPS.

Thank you.