A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Yesterday afternoon some rain finally came. As we watched the storm approach we all felt a huge sigh of relief -- but then right away I started to feel not only excitement but fear. The storm was more than just the clouds in the distance. It was a kind of electricity that was tickling little whirlwinds all over my skin.
The clouds came rolling in so quickly that it looked like film set to fast forward. And the winds were stirring up a whole mess of dust, Tazmanian devil style. As if the clouds were sweeping across the landscape devouring everything in their path.

The winds arrived first, and we rushed to shut all the windows in the house because the dust was quickly coating everything. It wasn't really a visable cloud yet, but you could taste it on the air and feel it on your skin, like a fine powder. Then BAM! Thunder and Lightening dancing across the heavens and the sky opened up and dumped the largest thickest rain in heaps and buckets. Within seconds the whole landscape went from dust to mud. The trees shook with the force of the wind and everyone nearby ran into the house for cover, soaked to their skin in the first moment.

It only lasted ten or twelve minutes. And as soon as it passed the sky began to open up again and the clouds dissapeared replaced by deep blue. But those few minutes were a pounding intense rain that you could feel all the way to the core of your soul.

It was exhilerating and beautiful and I hope it continues day by day until the dry earth lives again in green luscious vegetation and the wells awake as water again fills them to overflowing.
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