A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

The longest day of the year...

Today was like waking up in a nightmare. Cass is basically back to square one (do not pass go do not collect $200). When I left her tonight back at Homewood (after a whole day in emerg) she was basically catatonic. She was unable to speak or respond, hadn't eaten or slept in 30 hours, barely drank anything all day.

What pisses me off is that she was doing so well just 10 days ago on her birthday. We went out, had a great time. And now, a "friend" gives her some dope, she smokes and BAM, no more Cass. His parents don't want him to hang around with Cass any more because she's a "bad influence." I wanna go over to his house and teach him a lesson in "bad influences." blah. But even that isn't really going to make stuff better.

I think the path between here and better is a long, winding road. I just hope Cass can roll some doubles, or hit a few more ladders then snakes in this game.

I keep thinking how hard this is for my mom, or for me.. then I realize, for Cass it must be a million times worse.

I've got a lot of anger about all this and not many real places to direct it. :(
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