A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Wow. Its really been ages since I've written. Of course lots has happened...

This past week I was in Toronto for a few days for training with work. It was nice because it gave me a chance to see a certain someone who I've been missing. Although, not as much as we had first planned. Each time I see him I start to daydream about some future place where we wake up every morning in the same bed, and say goodnight to eachother every night. sigh. Sometimes I think I am an emotional masochist. I always want more than I can practically have. A lot more.

Getting together with my work peers for training was nice too. Gives me more work energy and some new ideas for returning to the community. Made plans to go up to Collingwood for the Elvis Festival. What was I thinking!?!

My mom and sister are off now on a great road trip to California (and a couple other places). I haven't heard from them since Tuesday but I am trying not to worry. They stopped in Vancouver to pick up all my stuff that I left in storage at my aunts. It will be like Christmas when they come back, haven't seen any of those things since 1998.

I've met a couple new people (and will be meeting someone who lives in Hanover today) which is way cool. I love Durham, but not knowing people my own age means I can get a bit bored sometimes.

I need to call back John (from Port Elgin). Marnie wants to go camping sometime soon and I'd love that to work out. I haven't done anything outdoorsy all summer really.

Also! Bruno is getting married to Christine. I heard so much about her in Russia. I am glad they finally got together. I think they've known eachother since pre-school. I truly got all teary-eyed emotional about it when I recieved the invite in the mail. I really want to go to Edmonton for the wedding, and I am juggling things to see if I can work it out. But there are a lot of obstacles still (cost of airfare, taking time off work, etc etc). Maybe Phil will come and we can share costs somehow. Or perhaps I can bunk at Adam's place. hrm.

Went to see Final Fantasy last night with zang and sentio (two great guys to hang out with!) zang looked really good too, new shirt I think? He's definately too cute to be single. :) sentio's a cutie too. They're both people who started out good friends with Cass and who now I also consider good friends. It's one benefit of having such a cool sister! Even though we're five year's apart we still have very interconnected lives.

TOC has been home alone (except when sentio comes to visit a bit) and so I've had lots of kitty affection staying here overnight. :) *sneeze* *sniffle* If only I wasn't allergic.

Oh! breau comes home soon. That's cool. She and Pete and I are going to see Radiohead at Molson Park. The Beta Band and Kid Koala are opening. I can hardly wait! Want to see all breau's Japan pix too.

Welp I think this post is getting a tad lengthly so I will stop for now. I really need to get back in the habit of regular updates again. Procrastination has always been a bad habit of mine. Even with things I enjoy doing! :)
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