A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I like to save things here that I feel might get lost otherwise. This year on Mother's Day my sister gave me a letter. I am not a mother, and I am not sure I ever will be, but she decided to honour me anyway with the following:


I bet its kind of weird to get something from me for you on Mother's Day. The thing is... I don't think so! You may not quite have gone through the excruciating initiation rites... but I know you've had your fair share of moments in relation... and the way I see it; you are the best kind of mother, the kind we need more of in this world -- you are a mother of the planet... you have friends and family and children speckled across every continent and race and class... you are caregiver and mentor and adviser and nurturer and indeed surrogate mother to many... to lots! And I think this day is much more than merely acknowledging those who have given birth to the body of a child, it is also to the acknowledgment of those like you who have made possible the birth of the soul of many children and adults alike.

I know you traverse on many levels and that you leave a wake behind the path you take. Whether it be through the youth at Katimavik, the nations of Canada World Youth, the friends and mentors at Queen's, the community surrounding Circle Sun Farm... or anywhere else you've been, you TOUCH lives and you are always more than just a random face in the crowd.

I remember you telling me a story about the re-connection you made on Facebook with someone you had brief contact with at school, who now has some bit of fame to his name and you were unsure if he would even remember you, but he did... and of course he did! You are _a_ somebody, no just somebody. Your light and love shine from deep down and people are drawn to it.

I know I sometimes resent that you are so busy being mother to the world around you, and not here to be aunt to my daughter (and big sis to me [tears in eyes at this point]) I just want you to know I notice what you are doing and I care about it all. I love you and I love what you do. And Kyla loves you, too, and she wouldn't be able to if you weren't around enough (so that means you must be already).

I once wrote the poem:

She's better,
She's older,
She's perfect.

How do I follow in her footsteps
When my strides aren't quite so big?

The truth is, I'm more than proud to walk beside you and share stories of the paths we both take in our own lives.

Thanks you for always being there to catch me when I stumble.
Your little sis,
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