A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Yesterday, for me, was one of those days where I woke up smiling and everything that happened all day long contributed to keeping that smile there -- or broadening it. My face literally hurt by the time I got to sleep.

Got caught up via phone with a far away friend and it was super excited to be reminded that we will be together on my birthday. Called another friend who I'd fallen out of touch with recently but who is frequently on my mind -- so nice to reconnect: like discovering one more portion of your favourite meal deep in the freezer and taking it out to thaw. And had a day-long Facebook chat session with another someone who I haven't see in real life in years. Silly/sexy/fun backandforth that made me grin like there's no tomorrow.

My mom headed out for the evening giving me some much appreciated alone time which I consumed while watching ridiculous television -- "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant search as hilarious as you'd expect. One guy actually said: "I shouldn't have been dancing faster than my heart!"

A bit disappointed in this new competition show "On The Lot." I want to be able to see the whole range of submitted films and the web site doesn't even have a full list of the contestants even though they've already had 2 elimination rounds. The concept is fun, but the way its framed leaves me feeling underwhelmed. The one team that used special effects on their 2.5 min film was pretty cool. But it looked like one of the top contenders films wasn't even shown to us except a little snip. And what is with this sleep deprivation thing? So far they have been on the go for more than 2 days straight and they're throwing them into yet another task? I am sure Hollywood realities are intense, but are we really seeing people's best work if they're barely able to remain standing? I suppose when they narrow it down to the few that callers get to vote for then we'll be able to see everyone's efforts. After spending so many weeks living without TV, I am fully re-addicted to crapola and not at all ashamed.
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