A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

This poem is a cut up / mash up of some snippets from myself and three colleagues stream of consciousness writing. I like how it turned out. We all started with the phrase: "Whirling dervish on a spider web" and wrote for five minutes, then took three or four of the snippets that most resonated with us from our own pieces... wrote them on strips of paper which we then re-arranged into this poem:

I am in control but also not in control
concentric repetitive circles  tah-te   tah-te
secure & stable & centered -- moving in rhythm
strawberry-jam-pot music
laughing as the skip skip skip thwap of the rope
safety net that protects me from danger
one thin vulnerable thread
its purpose, its relationship with divine...
we are responsible for our own liberation and state of peace
How does a whirling dervish fit in a spiderweb?
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