A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Heading off tomorrow, first to Collingwood, then Toronto, then to north of Huntsville the next day. Things with work are swinging into high gear. I can hardly believe that my participants arrive as soon as THIS THURSDAY.

Tik, my counterpart, is terrific. We've spent the last few days working and playing together. I often find I see my own country through new eyes when around her. We've so much to learn together.

And now, a Seattle trip in October seems quite likely. I've got to work things out with respect to my work schedule still. But its not the complete impossibility I had first come up against. The walls we build around ourselves, huh?

I've so many little things to do right now that sometimes I start to feel I'll never get them all done. But life seems to weave the threads together to keep me from being frazzled beyond repair... so I am lucky I guess.

I was thinking earlier tonight that my closest friends are all male... that I don't have enough close ties with women. I know so many wonderful women but I always seem to be striving to develop intimacies with men. I think I need to re-evaluate my priorities.
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