A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Well, Saturday I drove Tik to Collingwood (She's got to do a report for the CDD in Thailand every three weeks so she was meeting her other two collegues in order to do that) and I was supposed to be dropping her there and then heading back to Durham for work (and to go to FarmFest at a local host family's place)... but I got sidetracked and ended up staying in Collingwood until this afternoon.

It was a great time, hanging out with Sjors, Nadine, and Thomas (who's off to Costa Rica later this week)... and I feel completely relaxed now, except, well... all the work I blew off yesterday and this morning is still waiting for me!!!

So I've gotta really crush it all into the next couple hours, then meet with Tik to do some translation, then!!!!! She'd really like to go to an "outdoor movie" so I am going to try and get to the drive-in with her tonight... being Labour Day weekend I think its prolly the final chance we'll have this summer. I think one movie is my limit considering we're meeting as a group for our first EAD (Educational Activity Day) at 10am tomorrow.

Am I a workaholic? Yes... do I love my work? Yes!! But I sure need some more weekends like this one, where I just say F-it-all and push all the things on my To-Do-Today list into To-Do-Later land! I am a great procrastinator, but lately I haven't been doing that enough! :) :)
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