A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Finally talked to L. today .. his Sprint is back in operational mode. But then we got disconnected mid-goodbyes. I hate when that happens.

Had fun last night. A local Farm that is becoming a Land Trust was hosting a movie last night. They stack all whole whack of bales of hay into an ampitheatre and project the movie on this big tarp hanging from the ceiling of the barn. I am not sure if they've plans for another show this year (getting on the chilly side for it), but it was really cool. We watched Tatum O'Neil's oscar winning performance in "Paper Moon."

And for anyone who was there and STILL doesn't get it. It works like this:
Hey buys something (let's say for 25cents) and he pays with a *five dollar bill*. The store clerk gives him back *four ones and 75cents*. He puts the *75 cents* in his pocket, takes another *one dollar bill* from his wallet (making the total he's removed from his own wallet *six dollars*) and hand that *one dollar bill* and the *four ones* from the cash-drawer back and asks for a *five dollar bill* instead. The clerk gives him back his original *five dollar bill* and still has the *five ones* in her hand. So Moze gives back the very same *five dollar* bill and says: with those *five ones* it makes *ten dollars* and the clerk gives him a *ten dollar bill*. So now, Moze has in his wallet a *ten dollar bill* and in his pocket *75 cents* all for the investment of a *five dollar bill* and a *one dollar bill* making his net profit $4.75, and he walks out without paying for his 25cents worth of goods so really, he's *five dollars* ahead.

It just amazed me how many times people asked me to explain that last night and then STILL are not sure why there was a scam. Doesn't make sense to them somehow! Remind me to shop at their stores! :) :)
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