A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I knew it would happen. September 11th related junk-mail. Sigh. Am I wrong to feel uncomfortable about this? Does it taste like a gimmick to you too?

"We at AdvisorTeam are horrified and saddened by the events of September 11. All of our lives, and our sense of safety and security, have been immeasurably changed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and friends, and with all of those people whose lives have been directly affected. We're grateful to those who are at the site contributing to the ongoing relief and rescue efforts.

In an effort to help, we are sending you this special newsletter. In it, we provide information about ways you can show support, as well as some suggestions for understanding and coping with symptoms of stress and anxiety.

During the days and weeks to come, it is to be expected that many of us may experience unpleasant symptoms, including those listed below. These vary with each individual and tend to diminish gradually as time passes.

We believe that temperament theory is a useful source of understanding about the human condition and contains some wisdom that can help us deal with extreme situations.

As you try to understand your reactions, as well as those of your loved ones, friends and others with whom you come in contact, keep in mind that we all have certain core needs. We usually speak of Artisans, Guardians, Idealists, and Rationals as if they were "four kinds of people." In reality, the temperaments are clusters of traits and needs that represent four patterns of the human experience, each of which comes to play in every one of us. It's important to remember that we're all affected by these patterns, particularly when we are jolted out of our usual routines.

Our feelings of well-being are affected when we experience temporary restrictions on our freedoms; disruption of the order and structure that we take for granted in our daily lives; a shock that may have brought up questions of "meaning"; and a loss of our sense of control.

You and the people around you may experience some of the following symptoms, which may or may not be connected to your conscious thoughts, opinions, or feelings about the events. At a very basic level, they are how we respond to disequilibrium - manifestations of the "flight or fight response."

- Increased or decreased need for food, sex, and/or sleep
- Social withdrawal or increased need for social contact
- Irritability or anger
- Being easily startled
- Restlessness
- Mood swings
- Difficulty concentrating, "spacey-ness"
- Preoccupation with troubling thoughts, images, or nightmares
- Feelings of fear or hopelessness, or of personal responsibility
- Shock or denial
- Grieving

Here are some things you can do to manage your anxiety:
1. Be aware that you and people around you may be affected.
2. If your symptoms are severe, speaking with a counselor or clergy member may help.
3. Be patient with yourself and with other people.
4. Acts of kindness can make a world of difference, not just to those to whom they are directed, but also to those who perform them.

I've been meaning to remove myself from that mailing list for ages. Not sure when I got on it really. But this gave me the final push. *point and click* Good bye. Sure, its good advice. But it just feels to me like trying to "make this into a good angle." Am I too cynical?
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