A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

When we first met, I knew her shadow remained
Dark, looming, tattooing your life with its blackness
But I convinced myself you stood at its edge
One foot in sunshine
Today you tell me: "Without her I have nothing."
And when I reached for you
To soothe, to comfort, to share in your pain
You closed the door,
Leaving me outside. Alone.
My fists bleeding from pounding against hard wood and deaf ears.

When I gave myself to you, fully and completly
I never imagined I would be so easily reduced to nothing
I have never felt so small, so unloved
I am lost in a sea of my own tears,
Winds biting, salt stinging, waves crashing
I have never felt this hurt before
I am lost and alone
If only I could believe you were on your way to find me
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