A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

deep inside sensation lies
a small, bright-eyed child
touching, tasting, feeling love
for the first time since eternity

no wealth of tears can stop
that inner earthquake called confusion
and what comes next scares the child
scream out to the wind

a single cricket chirps
small, alone, reaching out
its sheer power tears deep
chills the heart

memories of youth
life was friendly then
freedom was the children
dancing with the wind

"Comfort me," you plead
but all is quiet
the wind has died
the children have gone home
and you return to your invisible life
empty of dreams: you scream
yet no one awakes

with all her strength and searching
she found only a Magician
but it is truly he who she loves

roll up your sleeves
cast away marked decks and hidden pockets
stand naked together in front of the mirror
glow, beam, smile, laugh, love, lust, celebrate
beneath wide open skies
watch the lights, hear the sounds
be fascinated again

let me inhale you
your strength, your stance, your skin, your centre
let me know you more
let me love you again
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