A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Since I was already labelled an Anti-American Bitch it can hardly hurt to post this joke:

Three Canadians are at the beach when they find a magic lamp. They rub it and a great Genie appears and grants them each one wish:

The first one says: "For my wish, please make the all of the Americans stay in their own country. I really can't stand American tourists. They're so loud and vulgar."

The second says: "Yeah and for my wish could you make them unable to talk as well. It really gets my goat the way they always brag on television."

The third Canadian ponders for a second, then says,"So the Americans are unable to leave their country and they're unable to blab on tv? In that case, for my wish, I'll have a cold pint of Molson Canadian for me and for each of my friends." Ba-dum-ching!

What I think is really hilarious is that without American tourists spending their cash in many Canadian border cities we'd be royally hooped. And, without American TV, I'd have almost NOTHING good to watch (unless someone is going to bring back Beachcombers!)... but I still laughed when I read the above.
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