A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

A few little slips torn from a couple notebooks all from June 98:

"When I first knew you were to be I started a journal of all the things I might one day forget to share. Writing them down so as not to lose them in the sandstorm of my mind."

"Sometimes when we love someone we project a false image onto them. We see them how they might be, rather than as we are. By doing this we truly tarnish them."

"You haven't called and so I sit and anticipate a certain ring. Too large to fit my finger but enough to calm my heart."

"When the truth is out and all love has been cremated by Fate's torch, only the Fool believes in reincarnation for even Friendship knows the eternal coin: commitment is priceless and rare."

"Just finished reading "Slow Emergencies" by Nancy Huston. I wish I could write like that -- words that pour out and form a slick cool coating, a midnight sweat, completely enveloping you: body, mind and soul. Words to drown in, yet at the same time allowing you to breathe deeper, to truly fill your lungs. If only I could write like that."
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