A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Discourse on Imagination

"Mommy! Oh look here! A beautiful sparkling castle filled with tiny black aliens from planet X."

"Disgusting. Get away from those ants. Why can't you play with dolls like normal nine year old girls?"

"Hey mom, come see! I caught a falling star.. only, I think its sad. But we can make it glow again."

"You're getting mud on your best dress. Put down that rock and go wash your hands. Other twelve year olds don't act so silly."

"Oh Mother isn't it magical? Jack Frost has painted a silver wonderland all over our windows."

"I don't know any sixteen year olds who still believe that fairy tale nonsense. Smarten up!"

"Honey? What are you doing? Is everything okay?"

"Nothing mom, I'm fine." Says tearful eighteen year old, breaks skin, plunges, and release.
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