A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I had my first really good night of sleep last night in a couple weeks. I think its a good sign.

We're celebrating Thanksgiving a bit early in my family. My mom's sister (and her husband and two kids) are coming over for dinner Saturday. Also, maybe my cousin's common-law-wife who's visiting Ontario from BC will come by. It will be a crowded apartment. Add myself, my sister, and my mom... plus this whole livingroom full of shit from my Dad's storage unit (that is a whole other story that just bites me in the ass -- why is my mom being so damned helpful... he's not a part of her life anymore, why should she bend over backwards to help him out??) but that aside, its going to be a tight squeeze. I'm always a bit stressed out in crowds so I hope I have a chance to relax a bit.

I am just dreaming that somehow Bjork tickets are going to materialize in time... but that is really a penny in a well kind of wish. There's a lot of other pennies in line ahead of mine I bet.
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