A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Oh did I mention that my computer bit the dust on Wednesday. Lost everything. Including a whole whack of work related stuff I didn't have backed up.

Glad I cut and pasted some of that spew into here. At least that isn't lost forever.

I think I am still in denial. We'll see how I feel after three days of Regional meetings in Toronto next week when I don't have any of my old work related notes.

But in another way, its a good lesson on how dependant I am on technology. A good ole pen and notebook would have sufficed for a lot of the notes I took.

At the very least it means I won't be pouring over old photographs or e-mails or whatnot and crying. They've all been lost.

And, perhaps its a kind of fresh start... out of the ashes the phoenix came. Perhaps its time for me to find my wings again.
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