A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

What a day. I am still numb. I was in Durham this morning and received a call from Tik: "Can you please come over? I have an emergency!"

And it was no small deal. Her mom is now in the ICU in a hospital in Thailand... all we know is that she is in a coma.

After much waiting (from 5:30pm on) at Lester B. Pearson airport the wonderful women at the Cathay Pacific desk managed to get her a seat on the 11:30pm flight to Hong Kong (and a morning flight to Bangkok). This was no small feat being that the flight was originally overbooked (and being that its Sunday and a holiday weekend).

I kept control until Tik walked through the security gate and then I walked away and burst into tears. I can't imagine how she is going to be during the 24 hour flight she has. She arrives home 11:00am, October 9th (because she crosses the international date line).

So I will need to wait patiently to hear news and I will just keep thinking the most positive thoughts I can. Tik is afraid for the worst because of how easily her boss said: "Come home." She works for a government agency and she confided in me that she doesn't believe they'd pay for her to come home if they didn't believe that it was absolutley necessary. But I am hoping they're wrong and that after a few days with her mom Tik can return to us.

I've still got Regional meetings Tue-Thur this week so I need to arrange a morning meeting Tuesday with all my participants and host families to give them the news about Tik's premature departure for Thailand (we've still 6 weeks left in Canada).

My collegue Sjors and his counterpart Nee came to the rescue today when I was freaking out. Sjors did all the driving and Nee was a great support for Tik. They're both coming back to Durham on Tuesday to help with my group meeting... Nee can also support the Thai's until Tik's return and help me with translation etc etc.

I feel so lucky to have so much support in a time of need. This situation today really put other recent events (like my hard drive failure "disaster") into perspective. A computer you can replace, a mother, never.

Please think warm thoughts for Tik. I know you don't know her at all (except through comments on these pages) but she's a beautiful person and I can just hardly believe how strong she was today... being so far from home and receiving such devastating news. I just really hope that this all works out, and that she gets home in time.
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