A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I feel like I have so much to write about tonight but I am fading quite quickly and so I will keep it as brief as I can.

1) Got news I didn't want to imagine could be true. Tik's mom is dead. And as far as I can discern, she was dead before Tik even got the first phone call... but no one wanted to tell her over the phones (or over the miles) so the whole coma thing was a cover to get her home and break the news in person.

2) BJORK WAS AMAZING. I cried. Although, the tears started with the very first song (only a very few of you will understand why it was so emotionally charged for me... she began the night with All is Full of Love)... her most energized performance was the first song of the encore... a bit like she was thinking, heh, the show's almost done and I've all this energy left... go wild! (that was Human Behaviour and I cried again). The orchestra was incredible, the inuit choir awesome, and the throat singer from Nunavut was not only sensual in sound but in body and movement too.

3) MATMOS who opened for BJORK and accompanied her performance as well was really unique. I've never before seen a hamster cage used as a musical instrument (or a deck of cards, or a balloon, or many of their other contraptions). I am not sure I could listen to their stuff endlessly, but it meshed well with the rest of the evening.

4) I'm off to Toronto for a couple days starting tomorrow. If I don't post, try not to miss me too much *smirk*
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