A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

At my mom's tonight. Seem to be stopping here much more often of late. Won't be back in Durham until late afternoon/early evening tomorrow. Hope things are all fine there.

Last three days in Toronto were a much needed break from the everyday. It was really great to be surrounded by people who were exactly familiar with my situation and the level of intensity of my emotional state with respect to Tik's situation. Also, got some good resources, some good clarification and some good training with respect to ongoing project stuff.

I found out that my flight is now leaving November 16th (and they've rerouted through Vancouver because apparently you need a transit visa for the USA even just to stop at the airport for an hour of refueling (we wouldn't even be leaving the plane!)... and the Thai's might not be able to get said Visa's without an interview. Nuts nuts nuts I tell you). So no Anchorage for me on the way back either.

I had a chance to really reconnect with a great guy this week too. Someone who I've wanted to have a more solid presence in my life. I don't think things can change for us right now, our lives are too complex... but we're talking about hooking up in Ottawa later this month when I have a few days off, and also perhaps a vacation together when I get back from Thailand. I am not diving into this head first, yet. Because I am not even sure if there is water in the pool. But I am at least re-inflating my water wings... and that's enough for right now.
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