A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

What I want . . .

I want someone who smiles at me like I really am the most beautiful person in his world.
I want someone to fall asleep next to, and to wake up with.
I want someone who dreams my dreams too.
I want somone who can be completly honest with me, about everything in his life, not just the sanitized "save you from hurt" version.
I want him to trust me with all the raw gooey bits too.
I want someone who can follow my crazy trains of thought... who can engage me intellectually... who is vulnerable... who values my input... who's life when intertwined with mine doesn't squish out or block out any of the things I love about my life right now.
I want someone who makes a special space for "us" to exist in, but doesn't put a fence around it.
I want someone who notices all the little things I love and celebrates them with me.
I want someone who accepts my little gifts and presents, without feeling obligated to weigh and measure them and reciprocate equally.
I want someone who believes me when I say there is no score card.
I want someone who would be just as willing to jump through flaming hoops to be in my life, as I would be to be in his.
I want someone who realizes that I am not another ball to juggle, but another pair of hands to keep things going smoothly.
I want someone who knows that love is not a feeling but a way of living.

I want someone who thinks this is not too much to ask.
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