A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

bah. Its been a slow weekend. Not that I am complaining. The intensity of the past couple weeks was definately enough. I got back to Durham late Friday night and I've basically just been playing catch-up. I'm about back on track with respect to the files I lost when my KIWI turned itself into a doorstop and I've got most things sorted out for the next week. I miss Tik miserably and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she'll be back soon.

This afternoon I resorted to renting movies at the local gas station. Not the best picks. Got "Anti-Trust" and "Tom Cats"... both pretty sad options. But it was space filler.

I can't believe how quickly November 16th is coming. Soon I will be in Thailand in a small village that has no internet access and only two public phones. I'm going to be cold-turkey kicking my LJ habit. If I am lucky I'll be able to post an update once a month while I am there. But its totally worth it. I am super excited.

Oh, and if you want a postcard, make sure I have your current snail mail addie. E-mail it to me at amj@cyberspace.org
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