A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Ack. I hate head colds. There is nothing less appealing to me in the world... okay, maybe stomach flus rank as more disgusting... but its a close margin.

Not last night but the night before I slept about 15 hours hoping that I could just sleep myself into feeling better. Then last night I got about 9 hours of sleep. But I am still achy, snotty, itchy, teary-eyed and cranky as all heck.

Got all my storage stuff sorted out yesterday afternoon. Its slower going doing that kind of thing when you feel like you're half dead, but I managed okay. Fit my sister's bike into that unit too and made room for the rest of the junk from this apartment that will be going there to hibernate for the winter while I'm off in Thailand.

Then I took Cass to a movie. We went down to Bovaird as usual. They're opening a seven-plex in Orangeville sometime soon but for now, Brampton it is. We got there a bit early so we took a few minutes to hunt around for some tevas. I really want some to wear in Thailand (for showers and what not), but its just about the least easy time of year to locate a pair. Why didn't I think of this in summer when they were still abundant? Ah well. I could only find them in size 10 which if you know me is a wee bit larger then my tootsies are.

We saw "Serendipity". It was okay. Nothing mind bending or earth shattering. Won't win any awards at Cannes. But I like both Kate Beckinsale (did I ever mention that seeing her in "Shooting Fish" was the reason I cut my hair short short short?) and John Cusack so it was easy to watch. Its a typical Hollywood romance mooshy-gooshy-la-la kind of movie. Left me with the question, "Did he ever actually stop and read Love in the time of Cholera??" But besides that, your basic, see it if you're in the mood for something light and fluffy kind of flic.

But it was cool to spend some time with my sistah. She's of course still up and down, back and forth, in and out. But I always treasure the times we get to spend together.

Okay, got lots of work to get done today. And I've been using this cold as a crutch for too many days in a row. Gotta get snappin'
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