A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I meant to write this the other day but I got distracted...

I had a really weird dream ... now I always have quite bizarre dreams, but usually I've found it possible to put them in context of things that are collected piece by piece in my daily input stream.

This dream just came at me out of nowhere.

In it I am standing inside the Parliament at Ottawa and my ex-bf's mom walks toward me wearing everything red. A long red raglan coat, red shoes, red socks, red skirt, red shirt, even red lipstick.

And we start talking and she seems to know who I am, but she keeps calling me Karen. And I keep correcting her by saying: "No, I'm Anne-marie!" to which she replies something like: "Yes, yes and I am Elisabeth, now shush up Karen dear."

And I get more and more frustrated and the dream just keeps going on and on, one really long nothing conversation at Parliament with a woman I haven't seen in over a year and rarely think about.

What I want to know is "Who the fuck is Karen?"
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