A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Stole this from my sister.. you can read more of her beautiful writing here.

trip dip I dont know whats wrong with me somethings slipped out of control out of line out of the way to be forgotten move on move forward, I'm not me dont know who I'll be its now its then the clocks unwound the circle runs a line around my throat cant breath cant see does it matter was any of it for me whatever is isnt at all hold tight let it go falling down and getting back up again its now its tomorrow and time leaks away from where we stand together so far apart you see but not me I cant see me smile for the camera and sneak another beer from here just a drug against war and a war against happiness bathroom mirrors and rubberduck dreams floating but no control not a pilot just a stow away hitching a ride past the future shoelace shoegaze grab ahold of your sunglasses and shade your eyes from the desguise of my demise daughter thought her, not her, water to clense the dryness of my soul you see you see but not me let go of blank and slide the key to the left unlock the car and let in the fog its just a fake train riding my track and the conductor's in the back getting head, so dont worry 'bout your ticket baby, lick it baby.
3:14:04PST 02/09/01
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