A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So, I dunno if Walmart is as infuriating in the states as it is here up north, and typically I don't shop there -- I prefer to shop smaller... but today I went in looking for some "Hello My name is:" tags for my aunt and I had just about THE worst service I have ever had in any store in my life!

I ask this one "representative" if she can help me find them, and she tells me its not her section and leaves. I ask another guy who's wearing "Department Manager" on his tag -- but he's like 15 or 16 (Some manager!) And he tells me he doesn't know where they are but if I keep looking I'm sure to find it. Of course, I give up.

Then, the check out girl (buying some Sharpie markers for my aunt) gets the whole thing screwed up and the two markers total about $48. So on my way I out I stop at customer service to see if I can 'file a complaint' and the woman says to me "If you're here to complain about something, I don't want to hear it. I go on break in three minutes, you'll have to wait for Doris." WOW.

Won't be shopping there, or at any other Walmart anytime soon.
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