A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Where do you come from?

I hate when people ask me that. leucosia might remember my favourite response to that question was a woman's quip "From my mother, of course."

For me its hard to give a quick reply. I never lived where I was born, and both my parents live places now that I've also never lived myself. Working a contract means that I am only living 6-8months in a place before bouncing to another.

Places I have lived: Port Elgin, Chesley, Paisley, St. Catharines, Heart Lake, Bramalea, Brampton, Shelburne, Kingston, North Bay, Almonte, Ottawa, Owen Sound and Durham in Ontario. Courtnay, East Vancouver, Burnaby in British Columbia. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Tapolca, Hungary. Slavsk, Kaliningrad (Russia).
Edit: Add Phrae and Mae Hong Son, Thailand to the list.
The record time wise is Shelburne, I lived there from half way through grade 6 until I completed high school. But, not having "grown up," and having no relations still live there now, makes it hard to say that I come from there.

My family has always in some form or another had ties to St. Catharines. My dad's sister still lives there. But I haven't lived there since I was 6 or 7 years old so again, makes it hard to say that I come from there.

Anyone else have problems with this one?
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