A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay yes.. I'm back.. and overposting I think to compensate for my week long holiday from LJ.

Packing (more... again... as always) and came across some more scaps of paper that I am throwing out... scrawled on them were the following snippets of nothing


I want to keep you forever and ever just for myself I want to own your heart forever and ever all by myself I want you forever and ever for me alone I want us together forever alone.


I saw a seagull today and called it by your name, and it responded: "Live, Live, Breathe, Breathe, Love, Love" but I am not sure my wings are strong enough to fly us both away from here.


left-justified smoke stained cowboys rodeo-ing across the screen insomniacs like us can only dream sticky fingered love fast cards and then the phone-cord choked you into silence


you taste like cheap wine and cigarettes and hours after leaving you these still cling to me like waking from a bad dream and not being able to shake the chill.


a friend: We don't have boarded up houses like this in Canada.
These buildings are terrible, they should be condemned.
me: Yeah, in Canada we like our homeless on the street where they belong!


Have you ever told yourself: It must be love, I've started crying again?

None of these were recent scribblings.. one paper was from 1993. Why is it I keep so much stuff from one move to the next?
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