A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Was hanging with Pete this weekend and I kept thinking "That's great, gotta write about _that_ in my LJ when I get home." But now that I am home, none of those moments are coming back to me. augh. It's like LJ writer's block.

oh.. wait.. one funny thing was these two women who exited the theatre at the same time as we were leaving. We'd just seen HEIST and they were really not impressed with the movie, going on and on about all the problems. The comment that finally set me a tittering was "And was there even one full sentence of English in that movie.. I mean, it was all in LINGO." heh heh.

but.. even tho I can't seem to pull the right strings to record the weekend here. It was really nice to spend some time with Pete and just chill. I got caught up on some TV.. oh! And he made me a kick ass CD with a lot of songs I've been missing... I'm going to miss him a whole lot while I am in Thailand.
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