A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Quick update... finally got that other jazz pasted in. Woo hoo.

Season's greetings everyone! I have a super busy week ahead. Meetings with Regional staff, facilitating our mid-project, stuff that's a lot more like work than holiday.

Funny story. Got a letter from a friend in AZ yesterday.. almost. All I received was the empty envelope. No card. Must have been lost en route. My hosts thought it was some kind of bizarre Canadian tradition, sending your friends an empty envelope for Christmas. heh heh.

Oh, and a friend of mine and his wife are starting a really cool web based newsletter. You should check it out and subscribe even.

Here's the text of the e-mail he sent me about it:

I was wondering if I could ask a small favor of you, and hopefully you'll enjoy doing it.

Monique (my wife) and I are starting an email newsletter and we were wondering if you would want to be one of the first subscribers.

It's free.

It's a bi-weekly newsletter that will have things like links to free stuff and contests, stories, jokes, recipes, book reviews, links to interesting articles and much more. Basically, it's got something for everyone. It will also be presented very nicely if you elect to get the HTML version.

The reason we're doing this is to make some extra money. Once we have enough subscribers we can charge companies to advertise on the newsletter.
But first we need as many subscibers as possible.

Can you help us out by subscribing yourself and by forwarding this to a few friends too? I know you've got lots of email contacts and if a few of them sign up and a few of their friends and so on it would REALLY help us out.

If you don't like it you can always unsubscribe later. :o(

The first issue is attached below and focuses on new years. So you can expect a little help with those new years resolutions. The next issue will be out at the beginning of January probably.

To subscribe, just go to the link below and enter your email address etc. Make sure you elect the HTML version if your browser can handle it, it's much easier to read than the text only version.


Please note we have a privacy policy and will not give your email address or information to anyone else.

Thank you so much for your help. We appreciate it and we hope you enjoy the newsletter. We'll do our best to make every issue of the newsletter something you look forward to.


That's it for today. Off to see a movie in Thai that I won't understand, but pi Tik will love. heh heh.
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