A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Tried to post this last week but couldn't no clue why...........

Blame it on the Rain (or lack thereof)...

It's hard to believe that I've been in Thailand almost a month now... its even harder to believe that in that entire time it hasn't rained. I know its not the rainy season, but from the amount of clouds in the sky on a
daily basis I keep expecting the rain to come pouring down. But it never does.

For a place that has fairly consistant weather, its also surprising how often its the topic of conversation. And, its mildly amusing how what I consider a balmy warm 18degrees Celcius first thing in the morning, has the locals sporting wool hats, gloves, sweaters and shivering. Today its a "freezing" 25degrees and my counterpart has two sweaters on.

The ants go marching two by two hurrah...

There is an ant superhighway up one beam of the room I sleep in. All day, all night, the ants crawl up this beam and down again. I have yet to figure out where they are going. They don't bother me much. But I am conviced its the few stragglers that get into my bed and bite my feet at night. Tik is convinced that because I am "new meat" all the various insects line up while I sleep to take a bite of this new taste. What was that story they made us read in high school " Lennington vs. the Ants" ... I think now I understand a little bit better.

Why did the chicken cross the road? ...

Because it was in Thailand??? I think that joke must have originated here. There are many many chickens, and no matter what time of day or what road we are driving on, they seem to scoot across the road right in front of our lil motorcycle. I don't know if I am more afraid of killing the chicken or of the treacherous accident that could ensue.

Oh, and another thing... last night at 3am I realized, that an entire chorus of crowing roosters (all over the village, all at once) kind of sounds like what I'd imagine a stampeding trumpeting elephant would sound like.

That's it for this update, more exciting adventures will follow I'm sure.

If you want to get in touch, the phone number is still 011-66-09-816-5216 and the english transliteration of the mailing address is:

Anne-marie Henry
3 moo 1
Tambon MaeYangHor,
Aumphor Rong Kwang,
Phrae 54140
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