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Happy New Year (if a little bit late)... things here have been really awesome. Tik and I are enroute to Bangkok (stopped off at her friend's place and while she decided to take advantage of the shower, I caved in for the free internet access). We're meeting up with the other staff in the Captial tomorrow then heading off for a three day mid-project retreat. I am really excited to hear how things are going in the other two groups.

Christmas here was warm. The weather report here is hot, warm, or a little chilly (24degrees usually gets the chilly comment). All our participants came over to my host famiy's place and we exchanged gifts, played games, ate an enormous Thai dinner. I made eggnog from scratch. Which was a bit of a fluke considering I've never read a recipe or seen it made exactly. Char and Bruno made it (badly --- with chunks) for Christmas in Russia and I figured no matter what I did it couldn't turn out that bad. Here's my impromptu recipe (which got major compliments from all participants even though I didn't let them add Rum):

12 eggs (separated)
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 liters fresh milk
500 ml UHT milk
2 tablespoons vanilla
nutmeg to taste

I mixed the egg yolks, the sweetened condensed milk, the vanilla and the fresh milk together in a pot.. Heated it over the gas stove in our kitchen bringing it to a slow boil. Let it cool to room temperature then added the 500ml of other milk I had because the mixture was a bit too thick (boardering on pudding). Then I whipped the eggwhites and spooned them in.. almost folding them into the thick "nog' and added the nutmeg on top.

*shrug* Anyone who has a real recipe for eggnog can e-mail it to me. But this stuff rocked socks. :)

New Year's Eve Day Tik, a visiting Thai friend and two of our participants went to a national park and decided (ad lib) to go swimming at this gorgeous waterfall. Of course, the Thais were against doing it in our skivvies so we all went in fully clothed and then stopped at the first market on the way back to buy new dry things to wear home. It was incredible fun. Has to be one of my best New Year's memories this far.

There's been a lot more going on but I am getting the "you're using the computer too long" eyes from Tik, so I'll sign off and write more later.
Miss you all!
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