A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Got back to Canada yesterday. Spent the last 5-6 hours of my flight slightly paranoid. We originally were supposed to fly Hongkong-Toronto with a refuelling stop in Vancouver, BC... but for some reason we didn't stop in VCBC... we just came straight through. When I asked the flight attendant why we weren't stopping she said she was unsure. When I asked if this was a usual occurance she said that this wasn't a regular route for her but she'd never known people not to stop. That alone wouldn't have phased me, but for the whole flight, the tv-channel that had the CNN report in its loop would show the travel show, the lifestyle show, and then just be black the whole time the CNN report was supposed to be on.. for the whole 14 hour flight the attendants would just say "We're working on it, technical difficulty." And I just kept getting more and more nervous. But in the end, it was all just coincidence... technical difficulty crossed with a really great tail wind.

I am pretty excited to be home but I really had a hard time saying good-bye to a lot of people in Thailand. And I am super exhausted from travelling.

Missed you all tho! :)
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