A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Went for dinner last night in Toronto with my 8 Canadian participants. They're all heading back home tomorrow morning. It was a final hurrah of sorts. They gave me a goodbye/thank you gift and that was really sweet. It was just about the most perfect gift I could imagine them getting. You'd think that they'd known me for 6 months or something! :P It was Organic Ginger tea (my fav) and a gift certificate for a old/used bookstore down on Young. The idea is that I can buy something and curl up and read with the yummy warm tea. I sure am going to miss this bunch.

I am feeling incredibly sick today. I was sick right before leaving for Thailand (miserably with a nasty flu) and it feels like I've arrived home and basically taken up healthwise exactly where I left off. As if the last three months were an aside, and now I am back in real life mode. I am not fun to be around when I am sick. I am cranky and I am just plain ugly. I also hate to be "mothered" but need people to help me out because I feel so weak and helpless. augh.
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