A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

One more...

She stood on the edge of the world with waves of anger and joy mingling as they crashed at her feet. The sand around her toes sucked and teased, laughing and growling as it licked away her naked skin. The wind rose up from its greeting bow and touseled her hair playfully roughing her up.

She screamed, giggled, laughed out loud then succumed to the sob stored deep in her heart. She took in a deep breath counted to five and then everything dissapeared even her... especially her.

Though I wasn't suicidal myself at the time.. for a while I was fascinated with the emotional state that could bring someone to choose death over life. It's strange for me to read these snips after all this time. Strange but enjoyable. I can now understand the appeal of time capsules.
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