A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Dinner out last night with my sister and zang. Great company, rather blah food. Yes, I know I was spoiled in Thailand. But, near the end, I was craving North American food, and now that I'm back, the food just isn't meeting my expectations. gah.

Was hoping to see a certain feathered friend on Friday but his plans changed. We haven't really talked since I've been back, but reading between the lines (and irc conversations) I'd say that he's doing really well. I am happy for him.

I wanted to go visit Pete this weekend. But that too isn't working out. No vehicle. So it's going to be nearly three weeks before I can get there. Man that's a long time. Hopefully when I do get my act together he and I can spend a couple days together. I've missed him miserably.

Sun-Thur (being the work-a-holic that I am) I agreed to take a short contract with Katimavik. They're doing some swapping around of employees and they need me to group-sit 11 youth up in OwenSound. When they called it seemed like such a great idea. A chance to get out of my mom's apartment for a few days (allergic to my sister's cat *sniffle*) and a chance to "keep in the loop" with K-vik. But now I'm thinking hanging out with these youth is going to make me miss my CWY group. I'm still not beyond getting teary-eyed when I think of saying goodbye to them. Got e-mail from Tik today and started to cry. I am a WIMP!

Then, I get back from OwenSound and Friday take my sister into the city. Great chance to drop by the Regional Office and pick up my mail. Then I'm off to Ottawa for a few days. Marnie got "Indigo Girls" tickets.. woo hoo. And lots of other people to see too. Should be a great trip.

Then, March 8-13 my sister and I are going to road trip. Car's free, my mom's outta town... heh heh. But we haven't decided where to go yet. Any ideas? Any one want guests? Anywhere two days drive or less from Toronto is good for me.

*stretch* *yawn* Okay. Time to get some brekky on.
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