A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

House sitting (or group sitting --- whatever you want to call a one week Katimavik temp PL contract), wake up in the middle of the night to a fire alarm. Groggy. Try first to 'turn the damned alarm off' on the third floor. IT BLARES AND SCREAMS. I think, oh my! There must be a fire! I go down one flight of stairs and find two participants have just put out a mysterious hall fire (paper, some blankets, one part of the wall)... How did the fire start? No response. Sherlock A-m to the rescue. Long story short, one guy, as a joke, used a piece of cloth to tie-shut the bedroom of the other guy. Second guy tries to open door, can't, gets it open a crack, uses his lighter to 'rid himself' of the cloth bind. Abracadabra, bam, poof! The cloth catches fire and the next thing we know half the hallway is on fire. Enter participant three with enough sense to grab some water from nearby bathroom sink and put fire out.

Gee I love this kind of work. Gee I feel so very glad to be here. Gee, 3AM is my favourite time of night for a hallway camp fire!
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