A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So my sister has gone in the Clark for a bit. She's in the clinical investigation unit.. which means, she's there voluntarily for an indescriminate amount of time. Right now she can leave the premises for half an hour at a time, go for coffee or whatnot, and eventually she'll be able to be away longer (see a movie maybe). I'm going to see her Friday morning. I hope she settles in okay. I'm not expecting a miracle but I think the routine of the place will help a bit with things. And in a way I am glad that she is in while my mom is away on vacation because I was a bit nervous about being alone with her for a week in case something serious went down.

I'm back from Ottawa now. Plans for the next week include:
  • Visit my aunt Jen in St.Catharines
  • Vist Durham and deliver gifts to host families
  • Vist Pete for a couple days and hopefully go see Max Graham in TO too.
  • Get a plane ticket sorted out for heading to Victoria, BC for a couple weeks mid-April
  • Meet with my Program Manager about my next CWY contract
  • See my sister at least twice
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