A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

My mom has this idea that I'd like to be fixed up with one of the men she's met online who doesn't fit her age category. Anyone in their late twenties/early thirties she mentions them to me and wants me to think about meeting them. Especially the local men. I've said to her that I am not even looking for ANY kind of relationship right now, least of all some kind of blind date scenario. But she is persistant in mentioning them to me.

Then today (I think because I mentioned I might see K. in Victoria) she calls over to me while typing away "Where's K. again? Portland?" I say "Yeah, why?" My mom: "How old is she, your age right?" I say again, getting worried "Yeah, WHY?" Apparently there is this single, mid 30s, native american man who is looking for a casual sexual encounter. Sheeeeeesh mom. Pimping your daughter is one thing, but now her friends in other countries??? Wassup with that!
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