A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

What a long day. It just occured to me that because of the confidentiality clause that I have with my employer I can't even tell you about what's eating me up. But I am spiritually and emotionally spent today. I really am looking forward to the next few days away (Wilderness First Aid training).

Update: (post contract) In the end, everything turned out okay. There was a suicide attempt of sorts ...

On a good note: Someone I have a crush on sent me an e-mail that said he misses me more than he expected to now that we're apart (sort of like you don't appreciate what you've got 'til its gone). I don't expect anything to occur between us... but its nice to be missed.

Another good thing was talking to kisama for like ----- forever, Saturday night. I miss him. Got introduced to harvey too... which was fun. He's the 'nudge' that led me in this direction. Although I'm not often true to diaries, so we'll see how far this one takes me.

*shrug* Guess that's it for tonight.
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