A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Along the "Canadian stuff" theme... the link on my url for pix.html was broken for a long time.. I just put a picture up to replace it. The picture is old (Spring 2000) but its what I happened to have on this machine right now when someone asked me for a pic. Anyhow, its some friends and I with some REALLY COOL Canadians. heh heh. Check it out http://www.cyberspace.org/~amj

I have another one somewhere of us all sitting on their chairs behind the newsdesk too. It was a super fun episode to watch being taped. The guy beside me in the photo is Sonny (A Russian) and it just happened to be the "Prime Minister Jean Poutine" sketch (you know, with our friend Dub-ya). And for the Russians in the audience it was doubly humourous because their leader IS Putin. heh heh.

Oh, did I mention we also snuck in without tickets? Well, not exactly snuck in. But we just went there and stood in line and pretended we were supposed to have tickets and they'd screwed up. So they had to put out an extra row of chairs for us (UP FRONT!) .. we had the best possible seats. (It's very cool to be working with a Youth Internship Program from Russia because that was (i think) the clout that got us in _that_ night. I mean, how could we wait weeks and weeks for tickets if our Russian friends were going home in a few days?) Oh, and it is true, they do give you wine before the taping to loosen you up.
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