A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Off to a two day conference in Toronto. Then this weekend I'll be back on my way to Katimavik-land and OwenSound, yay! :)

Still have this snazzy gift certificate for books from my CWY group. Need to make some time today or tomorrow to hop over to Younge St and book shop.

Haven't yet had a chance to meet up with my web footed friend and once again I am off to the city without seeing him. Got this book for him to read that I've decided to just send snail-mail... which seems a bit pathetic to me to be back over a month, in and out of the city all the time, and never able to cross paths. *shrug* I really AM too damned busy! :)

Finalizing plans re: Victoria and seeing leucosia... I am super keyed up about that. Air ticket was totally reasonable. Two weeks of fun in the West Coast sun. Woo hoo. I can hardly wait until April 9!

Been seeing kisama on-line a lot more often lately. Makes me feel good to see him in positive spirits. I've been dreaming about him on and off the last little bit. I miss those seagull days. In fact, I was reminiscing with Pete about Kingston too. I really should look into going back for a year and cleaning up the last of my credits. Of course, as usual, not THIS year.

My sister is coming home on Friday. I think not too much progress was made exactly. I guess there are just people worse off than her that need the space she's in. She's at least in better spirits, which is good. Don't think they've got the meds sorted out (which I really thought was the whole reason she was going :/) but they have hooked her up with some psychotherapy which she's never yet had a chance to try out. So maybe all wasn't for naught. (Geez its early in the morning when I am using words like naught!)

Okay, time to eat my mango and drive into the city. Cheers!
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